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Honkology 101 – Indian Edition!

26 Dec

The other day, I caught myself red handed at red traffic signal honking for no obvious reasons. “What was that for?” asked the other me from the rear view mirror. Before I started thinking for an excuse, I realized my first mistake of not making rear view mirror face where it is actually supposed to. After pondering over the actual question for a while I realized that I indeed had a reason to honk. I along with other fellow drivers were unconsciously honking at a van  who was 3.5 cars ahead, at the front of the signal. The van had not moved a bit  even after 30 milliseconds the signal had turned red for perpendicular traffic, and was real close to green signal for us. The guy sure deserved to be honked at, but no one was certain if the message got communicated in timely manner. Moreover, everyone joining the band honk wagon from all possible directions does not make it pleasant orchestra to concert-master, the traffic police guy.

We in India honk for thousands of reasons (or no reasons) and plain honks provided to us are just not enough. We need variety and standards to communicate our intentions to others on the road. For this public cause, I decided to indite few reasons to honk and crowd-source the remaining. Who knows, may be one day automobile manufacturers will act upon it and provide us variety.

So, here I, the Indian driver go. Continue reading

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