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What’s Wrong with Baby Boomers?

8 Jan

It was 3:45 AM and I was waiting for the arrival of my spiritually-average and almost-retiring parents who were midway through their all-india pilgrimage tour. The one month epic tour had started 8 days back from Chandigarh and they were on their way to Srisailam, AP (and then further south). We had planned a quick meetup at Hyderabad, the place I earn my butter, bread and biryani at. It was already two hours later than what I thought it would take them to reach at the spot we had decided to meet at. I rang my mother for the 3rd time but the muffled sound of her legacy Nokia 3310 kind of confirmed that it was still choking somewhere in her bag. Dad did not bring his phone in order to avoid carrying two phones (and we rarely challenged his rationales). Continue reading

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