Zebu Who?

“Zebu”, our own desi bull have held a place of significance in our culture since before the beginning of recorded history. Unfortunately, apart from regular 8:00 to 5:00 job and being worshipped like a god, it is often made to perform duties that suit “low society” animals (like donkeys).  And then there is this gender bias towards Zebu. Our cow is known for being “Holy” but bull is known for bulls**t. Why?

This blog is a tribute to zebu and other living beings human or non-human, suffering from this hypocrisy that exists around us. We shall discuss the matters that matter and also those that don’t matter. In nutshell, all the matters.


1) Matter means different to different people in our country. Here it means everything that you mean, including occasional bulls**t.

2) bulls**t  is to be read as “bullshit”.

– Anonymous Kumar


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